ATIBT brings together recognised timber industry experts in terms of both forestry and timber (trade, transformation and implementation). These experts have extensive field experience and many of them are registered in various Courts of Appeal. ATIBT is a member of the International Arbitration Chambre of Paris and can intervene with professionalism and impartiality in the event of a dispute.


ATIBT participates in standardisation committees whose work focuses on trade and the use of tropical timber. It updates the Nomenclature that defines the international pilot names that are key for the implementation of EUTR. Lastly, ATIBT manages several rules that are essential for the rationalisation of the tropical timber trade: lumber measurement rules, log ranking, square-edged timber ranking, etc.


ATIBT organises professional training sessions on tropical timber for beginners as well as seasoned connoisseurs. It helps companies implement CE (European conformity) product marking and certifies ATIBT classification specialists.

Sharing of knowledge

ATIBT remains available to its members in the event that they have any technical questions or needs: identification of a species, specific properties, consulting in the event of litigation, anomalies, standards, etc.

Research or studies

When certain specific technical information has never been researched, ATIBT can develop research or evaluation topics in order to obtain this information.

Books and publications

ATIBT publishes various works: Nomenclature, Atlas, guides, data sheets, classification rules, etc. Feel free to contact ATIBT to obtain them.