Tropical timber nomenclature

For the last 60 years, the ATIBT has been updating a classification of tropical timber, establishing a correlation between each botanical species and an internationally recognised pilot name. As the most recent version dates back to 1982, it was time to update it, because among the 1,750 species that are listed, some species are no longer marketed and others that were not listed needed to be added. In the last 30+ years, taxonomic changes have also been quite numerous.
This work was conducted with the financial participation of the FAO and the AFD. This classification system is the basis of the HS (Harmonised System) codes used by the WCO (World Customs Organisation) for customs inspections.
It is a crucial tool for both producers and exporters in the context of contract enforcement. For importers, merchants and manufacturers, this classification system is the reference document in terms of due diligence (EUTR).