Support for the eco-certification of African forest concessions.

The main objective of the ECOFORAF project is to promote the cultivation of ligneous resources while ensuring the preservation of forests and the services that are linked to them, for the benefit of current and future populations at the local, national and global levels. This project, representing a total investment of around €3 million and funded by the French Facility for Global Environment and co-financed by the Chirac Foundation, the IFIA, the COMIFAC, TFT and the Albert of Monaco Foundation, has rallied ATIBT, TEREA, Form-International and the international ONF (National Forest Office), in a concerted effort to provide technical data and markets applicable for certified tropical timber (FSC, PEFC/PAFC, OLB, TLTV, TFT). The ECOFORAF project falls within the framework of the preservation of forest biodiversity in the Congo Basin countries (Central Africa), all of which are members of the COMIFAC.

This project has enabled us to :

  • carry out a market study: “Opportunities for certified tropical timber in the European market”,
  • produce datasheets on ecological, wildlife and conservation zoning topics,
  • become a partner of the “Mémento du Forestier” (Diary of the Forest) publication,
  • provide FSC with elements of consideration in order to new standards before their implementation,
  • provide training:
  • Managerial practices guide,
  • Certification training,
  • Training in reduced impact logging,
  • Production of a film that promotes certified timber to the general public via a USB device distributed at events where ATIBT is present: “How can we preserve tropical forests?”